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UK Virgin Media super hub - configuring DHCP reservation Jan 16, 2013 Setup problems Virgin media Superhub & Velop - Linksys Hi the vm superhub is setup in modem mode it took ages to all connect but i got it working. I set it up so the superhub is the modem & the velop is the router duties since then it wont let me access the gui of the superhub under to check settings. Changing Virgin Media Superhub/Router DNS Settings problem Oct 17, 2018

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DHCP Settings for the Virgin Media Super Hub 2Router Sceenshot OK Help : DHCP Settings close The DHCP Settings area allows you adjust how the Super Hub assigns IP addresses. The Super Hub is configured to be a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server by default. This provides the TCP/IP configuration for all connected devices.

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Superhub 3 internal network address - Virgin Media I have always preferred using the 10.*.*.* range and everything I have that is wired was always static ip in the 10.*.*.* range.. I have changed one of my computers that was static to the 192.168 range that came with the superhub 3 and law and behold it would not receive any internet access unless I ran it in dhcp mode. the superhub 3 gui is really naff and very very very limited in what you How to Set Up MAC filtering | Virgin Media