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2 Locating the most common torts Deciding where a tort has been committed has been a challenge for Canadian courts,11 which have resisted providing any hard or fast rules for this exercise. Historically, the common law recognized two theories for determining the location of a tort: (i) the “place of acting” theory, which puts the tort in the Ontario Court Recognizes Privacy Tort: Publicly Placing a Mar 09, 2020 Ontario’s New Invasion of Privacy Torts Archives - Daizy A Aug 21, 2019

English torts under the rubric of a tort of privacy. The tort of privacy can really be seen as a “residual notion”2 that protects a concept of privacy, which does not fit neatly into one of the established torts but is seen as offensive to one’s right to be “let alone.” The residual right of privacy is not one tort, but four.

Ontario Court of Appeal Recognizes Tort of Invasion of Privacy

New False Light Privacy Tort Recognized by Ontario Court

Ontario Court of Appeal recognises new tort for invasion The Ontario Court of Appeal overturned the lower court's decision, ruling in favour of Jones and recognising a new common law tort: intrusion upon seclusion. The new tort is a subset of the broader category of 'invasion of privacy', which includes other recognised and potential causes of action. Privacy in the Spotlight: Ontario Superior Court of Tsige 2, the seminal Ontario Court of Appeal decision that established the tort for breach of privacy in Ontario, the court in Morgan continues to expand the protection of privacy rights in Canada The Law of Privacy, 2nd Edition | LexisNexis Canada Store Nonetheless, privacy concerns are becoming increasingly important in today's information-gathering society and there has been extraordinary growth in the law of privacy in the last two decades. Author Michael Power is a leading authority on Canadian privacy law and issues concerning the protection of personal information. Ontario Court Awards Damages for Invasion of Privacy Claim