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Chapter Easy Subnetting 4 - 144 Chapter 4 u Easy Subnetting It works like this—all you have to do to remember the value of 2 9 is to first know that 28 = 256. Why? Because when you double 2 to the eighth power (256), you get 2 9 (or 512). To deter-mine the value of 210, simply start at 28 = 256, and then double it twice. IP subnetting made easy - TechRepublic Mar 03, 2009 Subnetting Made Easy - Sunset Learning Institute | pdf Mar 21, 2020

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Class: Size: Subnet Mask: Range of IPs: Class A: - Class B: - Subnetting Made Easy - LinkedIn SlideShare

Learn the easy way to subnet using the proven Subnetting Secrets™ method. Step 1. Write out the subnetting cheat chart by hand. You need to be able to do it by hand in case you have to work out subnetting problems in your head or in an exam. The subnetting cheat chart is here. Step 2. Look at the IP address and subnet mask.

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