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As an internet provider in Spain we offer fast internet with up to 50 Mbit/s along with the complete hardware package. Modern and fast Internet via satellite Satellite Internet is nowadays a modern and reliable technology to get fast internet connection in rural or urban areas. We hold licensing agreements to operate in France and Spain with competitive rates and billing in either Sterling or Euros if required. It doesn’t matter if you live in the streets of Madrid or the French Riviera, you can expect a full 22Mbit/s service through an always-on satellite broadband. FACT: Satellite internet has high latency. Latency, sometimes called lag, ping, or ping rate, is the time it takes a digital signal to travel from your computer to your provider’s server and back. With satellite internet, the signal travels farther than it would with a cable, DSL, or fiber connection because it literally goes to space and back. GlobalTT, Belgian(EU) teleport and private satellite Internet operator/provider, is offering Vsat(V-Sat) iFast solutions for corporate and very high speed satellite internet capacity (SCPC) for the industry and ISPs all over Africa, Middle-East, North-Africa, Europe and Spain in C-band, Ku-band & Ka-Band.

It’s possible to receive TV in several languages in Spain, including Dutch. We are agents for Canal Digitaal, a major provider of Dutch TV in Spain through satellite. If you’re looking for TV in your language, get in touch with Telitec and our team will advise you. Call or fill out the ‘Tell me More’ form on this page.

UK TV in Spain - The Sat and PC Guy - Satellite TV in Spain UK Internet TV in Spain / UK IPTV in Spain In recent years watching UK TV via the Internet has become more and more popular. Without the need of a satellite dish, TV channels can be watched using an internet box (eg Android or MAG box), with options for free and pay IPTV services. Spain’s High-Speed Trains Get Connected - Via Satellite Nov 11, 2016

Jul 22, 2019 · Using capacity from the KA-SAT satellite, Viasat is now able to help close Spain’s digital gap by offering its services and technologies to homes that don’t yet have access to high-speed internet. People in Spain no longer need to wait for the arrival of ground-based internet — which may never come.

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