I recently got a new laptop which is a hp pavillion dv7 17 inches. however the screen quallity on my laptop is much better than my incredibly old and useless tv, and both 360 (slimline) and pc got hdmi ports. Can i get a detailed guide on how to connect the 360 to my pc via hdmi so both machines recognize the connection as they should?

2020-7-23 · How to use a laptop as a monitor for Xbox? (use Laptop as Xbox controller) To set off the game streaming procedure and utilize the desktop PC as a screen for the Xbox, you have to do the following steps: On the Xbox console Enable the settings; Connect the Xbox to your PC; 1- How to enable settings on Xbox How to Connect Xbox 360 to Your Laptop Screen? - Tech Tanic Now, we present the steps which show you how to connect Xbox 360 with laptop screen. Procedure to Connect Xbox tolaptop screen: Step 1: Connect an external video capture system having S-video input to a USB slot available on your laptop. Step 2: Attach one end of S-video cable to S-video slot available on your Xbox. How to Hook Up Xbox One to Laptop with HDMI - Best In Tech


The XBox One Wireless Display app lets you project the screen of your laptop, tablet, or phone to your TV through your XBox One. There are some requirements for it to work properly. UPDATE 2017: The XBox Preview has been renamed to the XBox Insider Hub, and I …

The Network screen is the place you come to for everything that involves your console’s ability to connect to Xbox Live, play multiplayer games, and troubleshoot general network performance issues. To get to the Network screen:

Can I play my Xbox using my laptop as a screen? - Xbox One Well my friend said he can send my Xbox to me Priority Mail, and I was wondering if I can use my laptop to basically double as the screen since I dont have a tv up here. White 2 … can i connect my xbox to the laptop screen, instead of 2010-3-15 · can i connect my xbox to the laptop screen, instead of having to play on the tv screen? i have a HP Touch Smart tx2 laptop, and i want to hook my xbox with that the laptop screen can be my display. can someone tell me how to do it. thankx. Answer Save. 3 Answers. Relevance. Hacked Off. Can I use a computer monitor to play Xbox One? | siliconindia