Online Internet Censorship News - Australia’s leading | Censorship in Australia Australian Censorship Jun 27, 2020 Step Up 3 (2010) - M to PG cuts Jun 27, 2020 IARC - 32 RC titles in 2020 May 29, 2020 MY SPY (2019) - Full PG cuts Censorship in Australia - The Case of Lady Chatterley's Lady Chatterley’s Lover fell prey to censorship in both the United Kingdom and Australia. Following the novel’s initial publication in Paris, it was sanctimoniously banned in Britain (Lee, 2011a: 28). Australian censors were quick to respond to the uproar and the Customs service was duly alerted to watch out for it on importation. Homepage | Australian Classification

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2.3 Subsequent to Crowe v Graham, reforms first announced by the Minister for Customs and Excise, the Hon. Don Chipp MP in 1970, and enacted by the Whitlam Government in 1972, saw the Australian approach shift from a closed and highly interventionist model of censorship into a more open, liberal and accountable regime, based around classification as the norm and direct banning of material as the exception.

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Oct 21, 2019 Cancellation or censorship: should Chris Lilley's work and Jun 12, 2020 Banned - National Archives of Australia Minister Chipp was disappointed with the South Australian decision, and admitted ‘…the whole concept of uniform literature censorship requires urgent reappraisal’. Western Australia also allowed restricted sales of the book after a complaint against a Perth bookseller was thrown out of court in January 1971. Censors in Australia during WW2