Meanwhile, the constant USE_LMHOST_FILE tells the script whether we want to use the LMHosts file. We set this constant to False because we don’t want to use LMHosts. If you change your mind and decide you want to use LMHosts after all, then simply set this constant to True. Of course it’s easy. With scripting it’s always easy.

Under the Advanced TCP/IP Settings on the WINS tab there is a check box for Enable LMHOSTS Lookup. The problem I am having is that on some of my users laptops this box is unchecking itself for no apparent reason. This only started when I started upgrading users to SP2 (they are all XP Pro) or on the new laptops that have SP2 already loaded. What is LMHOSTS file? Webopedia Definition Specific to Windows, the LMHOSTS file is a plain text file (without a file extension) that tells your computer where to find another computer on a network.The file resides in the Windows directory, and it lists the computer names and IP addressesof machines you access on a regular basis. What is the LMHOSTS File? - Definition from Techopedia LMHOSTS File: The LMHOSTS file is short for the "Local Area Network (LAN) Manager Hosts File", is a plain text file that that resolves a domain host name to an IP address. The LMHOSTS file does not have a file extension and is only used when a WINS server is unavailable. How to Disable NetBIOS Over TCP/IP and LLMNR Using GPO Dec 04, 2017

Jun 03, 2020

Mar 31, 2020 - Hosts and LMHosts Microsoft TCP/IP can be configured to search the local host table file, HOSTS, for mappings of remote host names to IP addresses. The HOSTS file format is the same as the format for host tables in the version 4.3 Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) UNIX /etc/hosts file. For example, the entry for a computer with an address of and

Aug 29, 2006

The first thing I thought of was lmhost file, but I releasise I cant map to the sub directories, just the IP addresses. Below is what I tried to do in the host file in Windows7, it didnt work, it just directed me to when I entered mywebsite2.test. HOST FILE - AKA LMHOST.