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Google Analytics & GDPR | Compliance Checklist | Cookiebot Google Analytics and privacy policy. It doesn’t matter whether your cookie policy is an independent document or integrated in your privacy policy, as long as the information is easily accessible for your users. Read more about the requirements for the cookie policy and how to comply with them. What Does Google Know About You? Analytics and Your Privacy Feb 12, 2019 App + Web properties tag and - Google Developers Mar 25, 2020

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Privacy concerns regarding Google - Wikipedia Google's changes to its privacy policy on March 1, 2012 enabled the company to share data across a wide variety of services. These embedded services include millions of third-party websites that use Adsense and Analytics.The policy was widely criticized for creating an environment that discourages Internet-innovation by making Internet users more fearful and wary of what they put online.

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The rise of these analytics startups speaks to a growing desire for alternatives to the corporate ecosystems controlled by giants like Google, Amazon, and Apple, a swell that has helped privacy