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Oct 24, 2013 Networking 101: Building Blocks of UDP - High Performance Building Blocks of UDP. Networking 101, Chapter 3 Introduction. User Datagram Protocol, or UDP, was added to the core network protocol suite in August of 1980 by Jon Postel, well after the original introduction of TCP/IP, but right at the time when the TCP and IP specifications were being split to become two separate RFCs. UDP communication is blocked by the Windows Firewall rule

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There are a few multicast routing mechanisms that we'll talk about today: DVMRP and PIM. Pausing for just a moment, it's important to realize that even today multicast isn't widely supported. Back in the day there was a mbone, or multicast backbone, that people connected to …

UDP (User Datagram Protocol) is a communications protocol that offers a limited amount of service when messages are exchanged between computers in a network that uses the Internet Protocol (IP). UDP is an alternative to the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and, together with IP, is sometimes referred to as UDP… routing - Is rerouting possible in UDP? - Network What a host can decide is to alter it's TCP window (flow control), to modify the rate at which it sends information, but this doesn't impact routing. Except for Policy Based Routing, routing is a layer 3 decision that doesn't take into account layer 4 (TCP / UDP) information, so it's performed in the same way for TCP / UDP / ICMP etc The TCP/IP Guide - UDP Common Applications and Server Port